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Ravi Soni

Sorry for Off Topic Guys, but here I am sharing few lines about my life, Internet Marketing and Crypto Trading. Hope you guys will love it and it will motivate you to work hard.

Let me tell you first about my early life,

I am from the small village called Limadiya in Gujarat, India. When I was 8 years old, my dad seen something in me and he decided to get admission of me in the reputed school in near city. The real journey was started, I have to do up and down in bus from limadiya to Lunawada and Lunawada to Limadiya (around 34kms) daily for attending school. My home was one and half kms far from the bus stand and at the same time my school was also two kms far from the bus stand. I used to go on bicycle from home to bus stand and bus stand to home but I have to walk 4 kms daily to reach school. It was not less than a 9 to 5 job. Many of my good friends knew that I have habit of early sleep and early wake, all thanks to my school life as I have to left home at 8.30 am in morning with lunch box and i reach home back at 7 p.m with full tiredness. I used to go for sleep just after dinner cause of tiredness then for home works I have to wake up at 4.00 am in the morning.

In 2007, when I came in 10th standard my dad decided to shift to lunawada so I can do more focus on my study and can attain extra classes as well. We have business in the village, so now it was my dad’s turn to do up and down that I was doing(My dad had major heart attack when I was 5-6 year old so yes it was big sacrifice of him for me). I got 87% in the 10th standard and 3rd rank in my class room.
My dad was happy with it so I was too. One of my cousin did electronics and communication engineering so my dad and me decided to do same and I joined diploma in electronics and communication at Government Polytechnic Gandhinagar.

Journey of College Life to Where I am standing today,

Before reading it, keep it in your mind.

“ Believe in your dreams, they are given to you for a reason”

2008 : Along with College studies of first year, I joined Vestige Marketing Company(product based generation plan). I was so exciting about this company cause i have attended some seminars and i was highly motivated. I started dreaming very big day by day, But for the 16 year old guy it was very hard to do offline marketing. I did not get single sales in this plan and i move on..
Day by day I learned few things about marketing, i always attended all seminars of all the local companies came in the market.
Time by Time I started spending more time with this field along with my studies.

“ Don’t Give Up, The beginning is Always the Hardest ”

2010 : After 2 years, I again joined binary product based plan named Samidirect Pvt Ltd and started working on it. I had very good mentor in this company, first time i got to knew about the power leg in the binary that time. I referred total 8 person in this company, i earned small amount of money from this, but it was big for me as first time i earned money from this industry. As time goes i gave up with this company. Later i joined Facebook for connecting to the top marketing persons.

2011: My Diploma was finished. I got 8.9 CGPA in last two semesters and secured spot in top 100 students of the Gujarat state. For the higher education I got admission in Government Engineering College, Modasa.

2012 : For getting bounce in the Internet Marketing field , i thought to hack facebook ids of the big marketers. I tried almost 200 ids, and 3 was got hacked. One of them have 12000 followers that time( i knew this is not good, but i was not enough mature to understand it that time).

2013 : Finally I was in the internet marketing field, i got offer from Bernard Taylor(Top marketer from UK) for the Cashunite Company. I joined him, when company was is Prelaunch. I was the first person who joined Cashunite from my country so I started spamming as most newbies are doing right now. As i was first person in this company from my region and as there is 10 level commission i got the team of total 4000 people in Prelaunch(many of them are meaningless). I made my first blog for this company (http://mlmindiaa.blogspot.in). After the launch Company Owners did change the business plan and Including Top marketers , most of the people leaved that Company. I was broken cause i did spent my six months on this and earned nothing.

“ No Matter How Bad Things Look, Giving Up is not an Option”

2014 : My study was over now, my dad wants me to do a job. So i left all the things and joined Haier appliance in Pune, but after the 3 months i left it due to some problems. I came back home and take a break and joined some matrix program and earned some money also. Then again i went for a job, i joined 3i Infotech,Noida as networking engineer. At the end of the 2014, i came to knew about the Traffic Monsoon(my first revshare).

2015 : On the 4th January my dad expired, i was completely broken. I left job and come back to home as i have responsibility of my little brother and my heart patient Mom.
I started handling my dad’s business of Hybrid seeds and Pesticides. As I was handling my dad’s business I had good amount of spare time to spend on my favourite things.

“ A Setback is just a Setup for a ComeBack ”

2016 : I started helping others and earned good amount of money, respect and fame from you all. Internet marketing was my life and I was ready to leave everything just because of it.

“Do Good to Others It will ComeBack in Unexpected Ways”

This was life changing year for me as i made highest amount of money in this year till now. In the beginning of this year i was in Fast revshares like Triple Thr3at and Ultimate Revshare and made good amount of money and it helped me to create base to stay in the market. I joined so many revshares this year and made good profit with perfect strategy and timing. I tried matrix programs like Zarfund and Bitdonix again this year and earned 3BTC(9000$) just from them. I changed my portfolio from revshare to Forex programs, Crypto currency, and Revshares too. Lastly i started to learn Crypto Trading also and seems like it will be very fruitful in near future.

2017: Before telling you about what happened in this year let me tell you about the Low Of Attraction.

“ The low of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, you are going to attract more of into your life “

I loved to watch movies and there was one movie named “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”(In 2012 I seen it first time I think), which inspired me a lot. I wanted to be like Arjun (The Character of Hrithik Roshan) of that movie, I want to do adventures with friends which was in that movie, want to make money like him, want to be Trader like him. I watched this movies so many times and I have thoughts of that movie in my mind always and my room mates knew this too.

Low of Attraction worked for me, i became Crypto trader. I made same kinda Money. I came to knew what we called actual life changing. I felt the feeling of making money while sleeping. The only point missing here is I don’t have Laila (Katrina Kaif of that movie) in my life yet XD. Crypto trading is what changed my life completely.

Finally, reason behind my madness about internet marketing and crypto trading is Love from my friends and you Facebook guys. Few abused me while few supported me and appreciated my work. Few said U have a attitude problem but I always followed Guru film dialogue ” Jab Log Tumhari Burai Kare To Samjho Tarraki Kar Rahe Ho” (when people talking bad about you, then believe that your growing amazingly).

Life is all about opportunities, Do whatever U wish is correct and believe in yourself, do not think about what others will say. Still my neighbours and few relatives ask, “Beta tum Karte Kya Ho?”(what work u do?) , I only say, Internet pe Kaam(work on internet) and they are like, Data entry ka kuch karta hoga (doing something like data entry).

Current Scenario : Now I am earning more than enough money via internet marketing & crypto trading and enjoying my life happily. Please do not ask about my earnings, I do not like to share these things so keep something secret and thank you each and everyone for supporting me. You guys are not less than my offline friends.

Future Plans: I want to open my own firm. I am working on it, and will share soon about it. Right now my first priority is to shift to Ahmedabad, buy a Flat and Car.

The only regret I have in my life is my dad is not with me in our good times. I am missing you Dad..

Thank you for spending your precious 2 minutes, Cheers !!

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